Persevere Podcast

EP 4: Startup Due Diligence 101

In this episode of the Persevere Podcast, we welcome Cynthia Yee to the show. Cynthia has an extensive background in venture financing and capital investment in the medical device field. In her roles, she has worked with companies through all stages of evolution. At Vensana Capital, Cynthia helps companies tell their story, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and achieve their full potential.

Cynthia gives her take on how entrepreneurs can best prepare for fundraising. She encourages entrepreneurs to do their due diligence to find the appropriate fund partners for their company and start building relationships with them as soon as possible. Cynthia discusses the pros and cons of IPOs, mainly how they can be a distraction for young companies, and she guides us through various approaches for constructing term sheets in venture capital deals.

Cynthia also gives insight into how Vensana conducts its due diligence process and why Vensana prefers to be the lead investor in deals. Cynthia then explains how detailing the path to revenue can be more significant than financial projects for an early-stage company.

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EP 24: Product Production: Optimize Your Workflow from Start to Finish with Ignition

Ignition is a platform that allows product marketing managers to have a centralized location to manage all of their different workflows. When it comes to launching a product, there are many different workflows from budgets to timelines to advancements .

EP 23: Abundance in Mind: Patty's Personal Journey of Relocating to North Dakota to Grow Her Company

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EP 22: Home Grown Capital: Changing the Game of Venture Capital in the Midwest

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EP 21: Future on Focus: How North Dakota Impacts Growing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

When it comes to growing and sustaining businesses, North Dakota does things differently. By growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing accelerated learning and leading the growth in ag-tech, they provide platforms for founders to help them grow and succeed.

EP 20: Growth Potential: How North Dakota is Leading Commerce Innovations

Learn from Dr. James Leiman, Commissioner at the North Dakota Department of Commerce on how North Dakota is a leader in commerce, supplying innovative programs and focusing on economic development.

EP 19: Redefine Change: How to Make it Possible for You, Your Team and Organization

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