Persevere Podcast

EP 1: Checkable Medical: How It Started

In this episode, founder and CEO Patty Post shares her background and passion as an entrepreneur in multiple industries and the path that led her to form Checkable Medical.

In her experiences working as a medical device executive and as a consultant in a Clinical Research Organization (CRO), she found opportunities to reduce healthcare burdens (for the system, the consumer, and the payers).

Patty discusses the difficulty of being a nurturing mother and a career woman at the same time. In caring for her children's illnesses, she experienced the frustration of taking time away from work, spending hours at clinics waiting for a diagnosis. Patty knew there had to be a better way; at-home diagnostic tests could reduce friction for patients/caregivers and lower the burden on the healthcare system. With this vision, Checkable Medical was born.

Checkable Medical offers simple, rapid at-home diagnostic tests and a state-of-the-art digital platform to connect patients with healthcare (telehealth) providers and pharmacists. The platform also provides treatment management to help patients complete treatment regimens so that re-infection is less likely.

Patty discusses the many phases of getting a medical product to market: fund-raising, clinical validation, analytical validation, FDA approval, engineering, consumer surveys, human-factor validation, marketing, and white-labeling.

Listen in to learn more about the Checkable Medical story and the heartbeat of the company.

EP 17: Build your brand as a force for good

We find fulfillment by serving others. Join our conversation with founder and CEO of We First, Simon Mainwaring. Simon is a global thought leader, author and keynote speaker. Tune in to hear how he is inspiring companies to find their purpose.

EP 16 How to Take on Any Hardship Life Throws at You

How mindfulness and optimism can shape your experience and help you live a full life. Join Patty and Kevin to talk about how Kevin's fight with cancer lead him to live a fuller and happier life than before his diagnosis.

EP 15: Creating Culture: Hiring That Goes Beyond Skills

At the core of every business is its people. Patty sat down with Erik and Peter Stenehjem of First International Bank and Trust to discuss how their family business has created a concrete culture that supports the individual employee and the organization’s growth.

EP 14: What It Takes to Be Successful in Business and Life

In this episode of the Persevere Podcast, Patty chats with Chris Berg, a media host, and personality about what it takes to succeed in business and life - including practical tips for overall success and a great morning routine.

EP 13: Personal Branding: How to Establish and Own Your Personal Brand

In this episode, Patty chats with Mel Stanley about personal branding and setting yourself apart as a confident woman in the business world.